Wondering how our clients have been making at least 4% per month investing on trading,having no knowledge on trading or financial market?

Your money is always in your account.

You can have additional income anywhere and anytime. You don’t need a computer or GSM neither any other software nor platform.

Pandemic 2020 triggered the new normal, meaning stay home, less jobs, less opportunities. The Umbrella Projects were designed during the lockdown to be your new job.

Be in control, be your own boss! No schedule, no obligations, no “yes sir”, no driving, no parking tickets, no crowded bus or tram.

The Umbrella Projects have outstanding profitability with balanced risk reward ratio. We mix automated entries plus market analysis performed by our analysts.

You can be your own boss and make your own time. Just split and manage your money across Umbrella Currency and Umbrella HFT.

Go under our Umbrella and go live your life, your dreams, your family. Let the Umbrella Project take the heat and worry about trading and investments.

Are you fed up with giving money to your bank, getting back peanuts as interest?

Invest in trading without being a trader.


Lower exposure and risk
balanced profitability


More leverage and risk
higher potential profitability

Start your journey as a trader without being a trader

The Umbrella Projects are designed to make your money work for you.
You don’t need to be a trader or know graphic analysis neither install any platform.
Forget about templates or miraculous set-ups…they just don’t really work.

You manage your money and investments
Over 5 years of successful trading experience
Guaranteed satisfaction of our clients

MQL5 is a coding language and a set of indicators developed by MetaQuotes, which is the company that developed the MetaTrader 5.

The MQL5 reports collect data directly from the Forex brokers, not allowing anyone to change the data. Therefore, MQL5 is considered one of the best ways to know if a Forex project is healthy, profitable and stable.

The Umbrella Project has over 100 MQL5 accounts, showing its results in real time

Umbrella Currency 2021

Umbrella HFT 2021

No cost! Zero performance profit fee

Only pairs of currencies

Conservative profile and lower risk¹

Your account under your name and management²

Individual MQL5 for your account

See your trades in real-time

30% fee on monthly net profit

More leverage and risk higher potential profitability¹

Your account in your name and under your management²

MQL5 exclusive to your account

Potential additional income³

See how is easy to join in

Follow the step-by-step instructions below. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Open your account at BBK

Access: BRK

Verify your BRK account

Follow the BRK’s process to validate and verify your account.

Ask to join the Umbrella Project

Send an email to afiliado@allinmarkets.com having your full name, mobile and BRK account number, requesting to join in Umbrella Currency or Umbrella HFT or both (1 account per project).

Project authorization

You’re going to receive a document to sign in and send us back. Just email it to support@thebrokerscapital and afiliado@allinmarkets.com

Make a deposit in your account

Minimum deposit of US$ 100 in your account for the Umbrella Currency
Minimum deposit of US$ 500 in your account for the Umbrella HFT.

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Frequent Asked Questions

There is no need of any platform, computer or software to run one or both Umbrella Projects, because everything happens directly in your account.

How to open my account at BRK?

Just go to https://thebrokerscapital.com/suporteeresistencia/ and follow the instructions.


:: This site is not an investment recommendation, but merely informative¹. :: Equities like Forex, Options, Dollar and others are high-risk markets, and may not be suitable for all investors or traders :: Never invest, in any market, the money that you cannot afford to lose.². :: All In Markets does not require or ask you to make deposits in other accounts that are not yours². :: Don’t count or consider variable high-risk markets results as income. There are no income guarantees³.

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